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Dear Players

Dear Players,
As far as you know, the war is over.
We are aware that it was not an easy time for the neutrals as well,
Many people were robbed and their loot was deintegrated by enemies.
We are more than happy that amount of active players is constantly growing.
Many of us have a problem with the queues on spawns and there are lot of quarrels for letters.
This problem must be fixed as soon as possible.
Tibiantis is our common home and that’s why we came up with an initiative changes to the law about
letters on spawns.
1. Adding your friends on the list is forbidden. You must do this by yourself.
2. Person who is currently hunting the spot is responsible for the list. In case of cleaning
letter etc, person who is hunting the spawn must know the whole list of names in order
and fill the letter again.
3. If you want to sign on the list, write a message to the person who is currently hunting
and when after confirmation from this person you can write down your name in letter.
4. If someone goes on hunt instead of you, he must delete your name and add his name.
5. When you are leaving the spawn you must send a message to next person from the list.
If next person will be offline – write to next one, and so on.
If you had written to the last person from the letter and he will be offline the letter will
be cleaned.
6. Person who is entering the spawn is committed to delete former name.
7. Cleaning, stealing or desintrgrating the letter is forbidden. Tt will be punishable by a fine.
8. If someone leave a spawn and won’t send a message to next person it will be treated as
attempted fraud.
The fine is always 50k ( 50.000 gp ) regardless of the level
Every single person in case of problems can ask us for help in enforcing the new regulations.
Fee 10k (10.000gp) is then collected from the above-mentioned penalty (50k).
In case of any questions we will be happy to answer any of them.
We know the new system can be confusing at first. But we hope it will contribute to a more efficient
life on the server in the future.
We reserve the right to amend these regulations, which we will officially inform about