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Dodo is considered an extinct species. To his extinction contributed hunting by humans. The
fact that the dodo was not afraid of humans and was incapable of flying made him easy prey
for sailors. But hunting by humans is not believed to have been the main cause of the bird's
extinction. Other animals were introduced to the island, which plundered dodo nests and
competed for the limited food resources. At the same time, humans destroyed the forest
habitat of the dodos. The date of extinction is given differently, from 1662 to 1693. Dodos are
mentioned in most records before 1620, later it happened less often. It is possible that the
last dodo was killed in 1662 on the coastal island of Ile d'Ambre. Before the nineteenth
century, the interest in the dodo declined. There were doubts as to whether this bird ever
existed. Only the discovery of the dodo fossil remains in 1865 dispelled any doubts.
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