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Young people today are addicted to junk food. Do you agree? Write an article telling
us what you think (120-180 words).
A childhood obesity caused by junk food addiction
Hamburgers, crisps, soft drinks and sweets: most of us enjoy these things and we eat
them from time to time. But have young people exchanged healthier foods for massproduced rubbish? Many people think that they have.
Junk food addiction is so high because of its simplicity. It’s easy to make and
consume. You save yourself a lot of hassles and time. Fast food is popular because of
its great taste owing to the usage of oils, salts and sugar.
In fact junk food is useless and can have harmful effects. The UK has seen dramatic
increases in childhood obesity in recent years caused by junk food addiction. Children
are targeted by many fast food companies, who promote super-size portions. In the
UK, childhood obesity rates have trebled in the past twenty years and if they continue
at this rate it is predicted that more than half of British children will be obese by 2020.
According to the reports, almost one in five boys and one in ten girls in UK aged
between 2 and 15 are classed as obese.
I think the Government should focus on public education programs concerning healthy
eating and regular exercises. Fast food restaurant could be given tax allowances to
provide more amount of healthy food. Something has to be done to reduce junk food