Dominika Żak - prezentacja

Dominika Żak
Deezee shoes owner
Barbara Steczyńska, Dawid Szymajda
Innovation mindset
The Innovation mindset is a special way of thinking.
The innovation mindset includes: strength, Energy,
faith, experience, openness, determination,
motivation, ambition and innovation. If we think
about someone, who is innovative, we usually
mention Steve Jobs and Elon Musk. We must be
aware that innovative people are also among us in
Poland. Every day, they inspire many of us to work
harder and follow our dreams. In this essay we want
to prove that one of many examples of such people is
Dominika Żak.
Basic information about
Dominika Żak
• She comes from Poland (Jarosław)
• She is the founder of an online store called Deezee Shoes
• She has created an online store, which is worth 30,000,000 PLN today,
• Deezee Shoes has operated since 2005,
• She has achieved success and now her shop is very popular among polish woman
• Last year she sold 110,000,000 pairs of shoes,
• She's definitely the queen of social media in the online fashion industry (2 mln
• She spends all her free time on developing her company,
• Her passions are shoes, fashion and travel,
• She has wanted to become a german teacher, graduated and worked as a lecturer at
the University of Warsaw,
• She created the valuable business for 3 000 PLN borrowed from her mother
• She combines work with being a mom, wife, friend and businesswoman
• Dominika Żak sold half of her shares to CCC to develop her company. Now we can buy
boots from Dominika Żak in CCC
Why has Dominika started
her own business and how
has she begun?
• Dominika’s business idea – the fact that
she has small feet (size 35) and she
couldn't find small shoes in Poland
• To get small shoe sizes, Dominika had to
buy a lot of pairs in warehouses
• She has left one pair of shoes for herself
and has sold the rest on
• Dominika has sold clothes and shoes on
the following markets in Warsaw
• Finally, She opened a company for 3000
PLN borrowed from her mother and she
used allegro to make money
Why Dominika
has an innovation
She has passion and vision. She loves fashion and shoes. She finds joy
in discovering, planning, learning and preparing everything about
shoes and her company. Dominika believes that her success is based
on her passion and hard work.
Dominika wants to create a global brand that will be known all over
the world. She is driven to make a difference in the world. Dominika
has huge plans and dreams. She would like to find ‘’undiscovered’’. The
greatest joy for her is in experiencing the unexpected.
Dominika said that she loves failures. She has experienced many
difficult moments during the development of her company, which she
does not regret. She is willing to experience failure, she embraces it,
tries to understand it, and learns from it. Dominika believes that the
failures determine her to work harder and more effectively.
• Dominika is inspired by people with great knowledge and
passion. She likes to teach others, but it is also important
for her to be with personalities from whom she can learn
something new. She is an innovator, who is willing to learn
something from everyone. Dominika loves other people;
they are the greatest value for her.
• The biggest challenge for Dominika is to combine
business, home and finding time for yourself and your
friends. Dominika treats the company like a child, so she
doesn't feel any sacrifice. She would like to tell women
who think about their business - you don't have to give up
anything, it's a matter of very good organization and
• Dominika is open to new impressions and experiences in
her life. For now, she is happy and manages the company
very effectively. Dominika wants to enjoy life, travel,
explore the world, get to know new places and people. She
wants to invest in her passions, avoid things that do not
interest her. Dominika always tries to see new possibilities
and opportunities. Ideas arise by opening itself up to their
environment, wondering what is happening around them,
or what is not happening. Dominika is aware of this fact.
• She has built her company for a long time and
she has achieved success after 15 years. It
shows that Dominika is very patient,
determined and loves what she does. She is
ambitious and not afraid of anything.
• Dominika is a very brave and responsible
entrepreneur because she has taken the risk
and sold half of her shares to CCC. It was a
difficult decision for her because DeeZee is a
company, which she has created from the
beginning. Now Dominika knows that it was an
excellent choice because she can learn from
him and its business is increasingly profitable. It
shows that Dominika is acutely aware of her
environment and she can make right decisions.
She desires to be moved and move other
Dominika is very hard-working,
curious, patient and motivated.
To build the brand, Dominika
has spent all her free time
looking for inspiration, ideas,
browsing foreign websites and
reading fashion articles because
she hasn’t known much about
shoes and fashion at the time. It
refers to the fact that
innovators are among the first
to admit they don’t have all the
answers and do something with
Thank you for
your attention