Should we get vaccinated

Should we get vaccinated?
The definition of vaccine is “a biological product that helps humans or other animals develop
immunities that protect them from one or more diseases”. Vaccines are given to infants, children and
adults to help protect the individual from obtaining certain diseases. It is said that we should get
vaccinated but some people argue that vaccines are harmful to our health, and for others vaccines are
one way to protect against disease. Therefore, the question arises whether sholud we get vaccinated or
not? This cannot be denied that there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages.
The main argument against is that people are concerned about vaccine complications. For example,
they argue that vaccination can seriously damage the brain. Moreover, they are afraid of viruses and
bacteria in vaccines because they don't know how they can affect the body. In addition, some people
do not believe in the operation and effectiveness of vaccines, believe that taking the disease into a
healthy body does not help it, only harms it and it does not make any sense.
On the other hand, vaccine supporters claim that it is an effective and proven way to protect against
dangerous diseases such as measles, smallpox, mumps, rubella, and tuberculosis. They believe that
vaccines stimulate the immune system to work, making it more efficient. A strong immune system is
the most effective protection against bacteria and viruses. What's more, they are not afraid of
implanting the virus, because they know that it is usually administered in the minimum dose and, very
importantly, it is simply dead or maximally weakened and does not threaten human health.
To sum up there are a lot of advantages and disadvantages to the question of whether we should get
vaccinated or not. I personally believe that we should get vaccinated because vaccines support the
immune system and protect us against diffrent diseases.
Oliwia Kwiatkowska (151633)