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English Bartosz Kińczyk

1. Yes, I do. I like wild cats, like cats. They lives at their own, and they don’t care about anything
what is funny in some cases.
2. In place where I live I didn’t noticed much crime.
3. Firstly police should focus on patrols in places where crime is on the agenda, and make higher
fines to increase people’s fear.
4. I am not interested in politics. Just because even if I don’t agree with anybody, nobody will
listen to me whatever I’m right or no.
B: Hi, do u remember about picnic we talked week ago?
A: Well, I am still looking for sponsors and guy that would organize to start it work out. How
about attractions? Have you found something?
B: I got some people to help with playground and canoing.
A: Awesome! So we need to find sponsors and everything will work on it own.
1. I think this man is blind, because of his stick. Dog probably is his guide that helps him.
2. I don’t have any pet. If I could have one I would take a cat. They are awesome with their
3. Years ago, I was riding to my grandparents with my dad, and other guy who was in front of us
hit a dog and run away, we had to stay with the dog until the vet came.
I think that second picture is one of the most dangerous problem, because this is one of the.
causes global Warming, other ones of course they are sad but if we have no earth, we have no life.
Living in Slums is difficult, but people from big cities are helping them.
1. As I know fog, and pollution is most noticeable problem in my country,
2. Firstly we need to learn how to recycle, then we can focus on being ecofriendly by walking
or using public transport.
3. Government should make higher restrictions for factories and their fog production
4. We can protect ourselves against terrorism by having more police on the streets, and
making restrictions for the immigrants
1. if I could try any job for a short time, I would choose IT programmer or laptop fixer
2. That’s difficult to choose between them but I think personal life is important than work,
because money doesn’t give u as much happiness as love
3. It’s IT and physics, because I love it
4. Yes. I would. I would like to learn Japanese, Russian, French and Spain
A:Hey I heard that you looking for a profession practice, what kind of job are you looking for.
B: Hey, well yes, my experience is not big so small concern would be enough for me just to gain
some experience.
A: Okey, but I ask u about kind of job.
B: Just land surveyor.
A: That’s awesome, because I know the place where they’re looking for you. But last question.
Do you have any view for future?
B: Well, I’m still looking for my perfect place, like everyone I want to gain big amount of money
and have loving family, but for now. I’m still searching myself.
1. In my opinion this boy is confident with his project, he’s looking focused and involved in what
he does.
2. It depends on the age of my students, because I don’t like childrens, if I would work I collage I
would be happy, because I love science and sharing it with everyone.
3. Recently when I was driving a car, and my friend asked me about cars and their engines,
performance, he had never thinking about a car but when I started to taking him somewhere he started
his interesting in cars and now is focused on passing drive exam and buying an car
I would choose Violin Maker because it’s very interesting how everything what is created works
and how it is making. Animal psychologist and Rescue helicopter pilot is interesting too but not enough
to intrest me.
1. It’s very important because you never know what you really like to do or just like to be lazy
because your job is boring.
2. Well, I don’t think so. Professional schools are teaching about very old thing in professions
what does’t make their student get better in what they do. Like me. When I Was on practice
it was totally other world than that we learned in school
3. Not at all. What will u do if u have interesting job but your bill is under your need? And what
about If u have well-paid job but you hate it so much?
4. Firsty, u will be called cheater because u r better and unusual. Secondly you are probably
more creative than others. And thirdly u can feel better because u know are original.