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The subject of our analysis will be "The consolidation method used in the Orange S.A. Group.
and the process of taking over the Bluesoft company "
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The goal is to achieve the position of analysis of the consolidation procedures used during the sale of
BlueSoft by Orange Polska S.A. Therefore, we have analyzed the end items for the year ended
December 31, 2019.
Orange Polska S.A. was established on December 4, 1991 (then still as Telekomunikacja Polska S.A.).
Orange Polska Capital Group offering with Orange Polska and its subsidiaries. It is a truly leading
provider of telecommunications services in Poland. First of all, additional mobile phones and fixed
telecommunications services, including voice calls, messaging and content services, Internet access
and televisions. In addition, the Group provides ICT services, leased lines and other
telecommunications value added services. It sells telecommunications equipment, financial services,
data research services, construction of economic infrastructure, electricity business and sales of
financial services.
Orange Polska shares are listed on the Warsaw Stock Exchange.
Orange brand assessed by the Polish assessment in terms of the quality and quality of services
offered. The headquarters of Orange Polska are framed in Warsaw at 160 Aleje Jerozolimskie Street.
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When it comes to the company's history, it is worth knowing a few more important dates. The seed
date is 1991 when Telekomunikacja Polska was established, which will operate as a business a year
later. Then followed its debut on the stock exchange in Warsaw and London. In 2000, the France
Telecom Consortium together with Kulczyk Holding S.A. became a strategic shareholder of the
company (holding 35% of shares). In 2006, PTK Centertel, a mobile operator belonging to the Group,
provided services under the Orange brand. In 2012, Orange became the main commercial icon, and
in 2012, Telekomunikacja Polska S.A., PTK Centertel and Orange Polska sp. Zoo. merged into one
company, Orange Polska S.A.
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Entering the group of 11 or 10 of them, the group's share in the capital is 100%. It is worth
remembering that these companies not only use in the field of telecommunications but, for example,
sell electricity, training and hotel services, insurance, and manage pension funds, real estate and
charity activities. The Capital Group focuses on extensive development in many categories of activity.
As at December 31, 2019, the largest shareholder of Orange Polska was the French Orange S.A.,
holding 50.67% of shares. The rest of the shares on the holiday are Polish funds. The number of
shares in circulation is over 1.3 billion, while the capitalization is over PLN 8.5 billion.
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In terms of the point group development strategy, the event is the launch of the "Engage 2025"
project. Its name takes its name from the group's community that relies on advocacy to combat
digital listings and global warming. digital world. The development of artificial intelligence has
resulted in, among others the creation of the Max robot, which has been working on the Orange
Polska hotline since July and managed to serve several hundred thousand customers during the first
The Group's plans for the near future include:
- implementation of 5G technology in large cities and then throughout the country,
- ICT development (i.e. information and communication technologies),
- development works and cybersecurity (including for this purpose, last year the operator took over
the company BlueSoft described by us)
- plans to invest in the expansion of the optical fiber network, especially to finance the digital
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The Consolidated Financial Statements have been prepared in accordance with the International
Financial Reporting Standards ("IFRS"). IFRS standards and interpretations approved by the
International Accounting Standards Board ("IASB") and the International Financial Reporting
Interpretations Committee ("IFRIC"). The Consolidated Financial Statements have been prepared in
millions of zlotys.
The Consolidated Financial Statements have been prepared at a historical cost basis, except for
derivative financial instruments measured at fair value and selected sales prices on installment
telephones. The Consolidated Financial Statements have been prepared on the going concern
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Subsidiaries, broadcasters Orange Polska exercises control, direct or indirect, consolidation
assistance. The exercise of subscription control is considered to be when Orange Polska or its
subsidiaries have a single compliance to variable financial results