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Rozmowa na temat pogody po angielsku

“What’s your favourite weather? Does the weather affect your mood? What do
you like doing when the weather is bad?”
Hey Mark! Do you remember when you’ve asked me about my favourite
weather and stuff? Now is the time I want to answer this question. I love when
it rains. The heaven’s tears (it’s how I like to call raindrops) look so beautiful
during the day and even more spectacular in the night. Being able to smell the
fresh rain is incredibly refreshing for me like nothing else. Rain calms me
down, no matter how sad, stressed or frustrated I am. During the raining period
I love to walk around with my dog or by my own, there is nothing more
satisfying for me than having this feeling of being tickled by the rain, it is so
marvelous! Despite being ill after every single walk in the rain, I still love it and
there is no chance I will exchange it for any other feeling!