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Agnieszka Nowak, Katarzyna Bernacka gr środa 18:00
A: Hey Kasia, It’s nice to see You, enjoy your coffie!
K: Hey Agnieszka, It’s nice to see you too. Thanks, I am a coffie lover. I didn’t saw you for a long time,
Where have you been?
A: Oh yes, I haven’t be here for a while because I went to visit Rome. It’s such a beautiful old city. I
spend there two weeks for a vacation.
K: Oh really? That’s sounds like you had a great time. I have visited Rome about two years ago,
during my vacation in Italy. The city is amazing, and the weather is really hot. Did you enjoy your free
time there?
A: Yes, Rome is amazing, and I had luck to have also a great hot weather. I enjoy the Italian culture,
and the fantastic food. I am a big fan of Italian kitchen.
K: Yes, me too. I love pasta, pizza and ravioli. Travels are so great, you can see the world and lern
about the other cultures. Specialy in Roma, you can visit the most fameous history architecture in the
whole world.
A: Yes I agree, and I visit all of them. I even get inside the Coloseum. I could go to Italy every year for
a holiday. I think this is my favorite place to go, but I still didn’t visit the south of Italy. I make it as my
next holiday target. And You Kasia? What is your next holiday target?
K: My next holiday target is Venesuela or Brasil. I am dreaming about visit the South America
countries for a long time now. The culture of people there, where everybody is smiling and dancing.
Thousand of different colors, animals and landscapes! Oh no.. I spill my coffie on my favorite t-shirt!
Agnieszka do You have any idea how to wash it?
A: Oh poor You, You need to put it under the water untill is not dry, and try the baking soda.
K: Yes, I’m gonna go to home now and try to fix it.
A: Yes ok, that’s the best choice. You reminded me about how once I poured out coffie on a
costumer, when I was working in a restourant.
K: Oh god, and what did you do? Did the customer was mad?
A: Yes he was. Well first at all I apologize to him, and I explained that it wasn’t on purpouse. But still
he was really angry and he asks for my boss to show up.
K: Oh no that’s the worst, did Your boss came?
A: Yes. He needed to apologize to him too, and it was really embaressing. He offered him free drink,
and to fix his shirt, but the customer didn’t wanted to took off the shirt, at least he agreed for a free
drink. I had huge conversation with the manager, but I didn’t had any troubles. Still it was really
uncomfortable day for me.
K: Well Agnieszka, this things just happends as you can see, you shoudn’t be so stressed about it. I’m
sure he washed his shirt at home and all was fine.
A: Yes you are right, but still I have learned to be careful now around coffie, and you should too!
Haha. Let’s go Kasia, you need fix your shirt. It was nice to see you. Good luck!
K: Yeah, Thanks I hope it will fade away. See you next time Agnieszka, bye!