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1. Zaznacz zdania, które są niepoprawne. Popraw błędy.
A I go to school every morning.
B She play football.
C She don't work at home.
D I' ve got three cats.
E Millie and Mike were at school yesterday.
F Did you arrived home yesterday?
G Who's your father?
H Where do she leave?
I Are Nathalie working now?
2. Uzupełnij dialog.
Do you sometimes
take the / my dog for a walk ?
No, I don’t. But I often (1) ___________.
Do you help in the house?
Yes, I usually (2) ___________ for dinner, and I sometimes
(3) ___________ after dinner.
What do you do on Saturdays?
In the morning I usually (4) ___________ and (5) ___________.
3. Połącz słówka z obrazkami.
3 foal
1 goat
4 sheep
2 pig
5 kitten
3. Uzupełnij zdania odmienioną formą czasu Past Simple.
We had a great time at the theme park. [have]
1 The students___________ on a school trip yesterday. [be]
2 We ___________ sailing on holiday. [go]
3 My friend ___________ a camera yesterday. [buy]
4 My sister ___________ ill on holiday. [be]
5 I ___________ with dolphins in Greece. [swim]
4. Podkreśl odpowiedni wyraz.
There’s only a little / some / a few butter left.
Do we need an / the / any eggs?
There are a little / a few / the people in the restaurant.
Put the flour in a bowl with any / a little / a few water.
I always put a / any / some cheese on my pasta.
We need some / the / an onions.
5. Uzupełnij zdania.
0 (no article)
Can I have a ham sandwich, please?
1 Do you like _______ bananas?
2 I don’t eat _______ eggs.
3 Can I have _______ packet of crisps, please?
4 We need _______ loaf of bread.
5 Have you got _______ tin of tomatoes?
6. Połącz zdania z obrazkami.
It’s raining.
3 It’s windy.
1 It’s freezing.
4 It’s cold.
2 It’s foggy.
5 It’s hot.
7. Uzupełnij litery w podanych wyrazach.
1 s__s___p_r
2 f___st
3 c___f
4 m___rw_y
5 m___t__n
8. Podkreśl poprawną odpowiedź
My sister is taler / more tall / taller than me.
The Amazon is longer than / long than / more long the Nile.
Peter’s new car is expensiver / more expensive / more expensiver than his old car.
Today the weather is dryer / more dry / drier than yesterday.
The people here are friendlier / friendlyer / more friendlier than in a big city.
The city centre is crowdeder / more crowded / more crowdeder on Saturdays than on
9. Napisz miesiące.
the fifth month May___________________
1 the second month ____________________
2 the eighth month _____________________
3 the tenth month ______________________
4 the fourth month _____________________
5 the twelfth month _____________________
10. Odmień czasowniki w Past Simple.
1 travel ____________________
2 try _______________________
3 make _____________________
4 catch _____________________
5 buy ______________________
6 break ____________________
7 grab _____________________
8 eat ______________________
11. Napisz przeczenia.
1 We stayed in a caravan.
2 Mary works at school.
3 Laura has got a horse.
4 They made a cake yesterday.
12. Przeczytaj i uzupełnij zdania.
Fantasyland is a magical place and only magical creatures live there. It’s an island, and it’s bigger than
Cyprus but smaller than Ireland.
Cyprus is a very dry island, and Ireland and Fantasyland are very wet. But Fantasyland is hotter than
Ireland. Because the grass grows better in hot, wet climates, Fantasyland is the greenest island.
Irish and Cypriot people are normal size, but the people of Fantasyland are very small. The tallest
Fantasylander is no more than one metre high.
The animals of the real world don’t exist in Fantasyland. For example, there are no cats and dogs there,
but there is a strange animal called a dat. It has the head of a dog, the body of a cat and no tail. There are
more than a hundred species of animal on the island.
There is one more difference between Fantasyland and the other two islands. You can travel to Ireland
and Cyprus by plane, but you can only visit Fantasyland when you play the computer game Magic Islands.
Fantasyland isn’t as small as Ireland.
1 The climate in Fantasyland is ______________.
2 Fantasyland people are ______________.
3 A dat has a ______________ and a dog’s head.
4 Over one hundred strange kinds of ______________ live on Fantasyland.
5 Fantasyland is a ______________.
13. Posłuchaj i uzupełnij zdania.
Mickey has got terrible clothes.
1 He goes to a shop and tries on _______________________________.
2 The first trousers are ______________.
3 He needs ___________________ shirt.
4 All the clothes cost _______________.
5 The shop assistant is angry because they _______________________________.